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Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs & MPEGs)


GUJCHEM employe’s a highly controlled manufacturing batch production for the the Poly ethylene Glycols (Also known as Polyethylene Glycol wax) that meet the most stringent specification including various Pharmacorpia standarad like (IP, USP & NF)

GUJCHEM also produces MPEG (Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol) Methoxy polyethylene glycols are addition polymers of ethylene oxide and methanol. Methoxy polyethylene glycols are available in average molecular weights ranging from 350 to 5000.

All MPEGs are designated by a number indicating the average molecular weight

PEGs & MPEGs are essentially non-toxic, stable and versatile solvents that find application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oral care, automotive, textile, paint, resin and plastic, and ceramic industries.


GUJCHEM produces PEG from 150 -8000 Moles
GUJCHEM Produces MPEG from 350 – 5000 Moles.
Customers specific requirements are solicited.