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Oilfield Chemicals


Demulsifier :

Demulsifiers are used for  treatment  of  crude   upstream  for  separation  of impurities such as water, heavy  salts, wax etc. The sludge is bio-degradable.

The   essential  blocks  are   Block  polymer  of  castor,  Block  polymer  of  fatty   alcohol, Propoxylate  Fatty  amine,  Block polymer  of Fatty  Acid, Propoxylate  Tall oil,  Propoxylate Poly Amine, Linear Alcohol Ethoxylates, Mixture of Amine and  alcohol Ethoxylates. The combination  of  these basic  products to  make   demulsifier  depends on  properties  of crude  and  field  conditions  and  hence  the  product  is  customized  to  each  customer and their specific filed in a scientific manner.


Corrosion Inhibitor :

Corrosion Inhibitors chemicals are injected at the  level of well head,  Gas extraction columns, Pipelines  header etc.  as per  customer and process  requirements  where  it  is pumped along with  gas/ oil / oil & gas  into the  pipeline  so  as  to  provide  a thin  protective film on the metal surface that inhibits the reaction of corroding compounds such as acids, oxygen and saline water with the metal surface and thereby protects the oil field  assets from the Corrosion attack.

The corrosion inhibitor products are  a  combination  of   esters of Fatty  Acoholes and amines, imidazolines, their Salt,  Quaternary Ammonium Compound, & Amides mixed in right proportion and  formulated as  per  the local requirement of each  Oil and  Gas field.


Desalting Chemicals :

These are blend of amines and resins that   are uses to reduce salt level in crud both in upstream and down stream. GUJCHEM supplies desalting oilfield chemicals which is blended in Demulsifier for upstream crude treatment and supplies Desalting chemcicals in downstream use in refineries and separators


Biocides :

Bactericides are especially used in water injection and produce water treatment where the  impurities are separated and bacteria multiplication is avoided so that the water can be reused without any harm and does  not degrade the crude quality.

These products are formulated through a combination of Quaternary compounds, Fatty acid ethoxylates, glute and THPS based compounds.

Scale Inhibitors :

These are the oilfield chemicals similar like corrosion inhibitors and are injected at the  level of well head,  Gas extraction columns, Pipelines  header etc. so as to avoid the scale formation in the oilfield installations.  Scale inhibitors mainly protect the crude carrying pipelines, well casing, crude processing facilities and produce water handling equipments from heavy scaling due to the scale formation salts present in the crude and produce water.

These products are usually a single or a combination   of polyphosphonates, phosphoric acids, acrylic acid and AMPS. Mainly useful for scale prevention and protection of oilfield assets.


Deoilers :

Deoliers are the compounds also referred as ‘reverse emulsion breakers’. They are the polymers of fatty amines and acid with high molecular weight and charge on their surface to treat the residual oil from the produce water and ETP’s of petrochemical and oilfield installations.

These products are usually liquid based, ready to use and cationic in nature. Especially useful for the treatment and separation of residual oil from the PW, effluent from crude processing and oil refineries.

Oxygen Scavengers :

These are the oilfield chemicals useful for the removal of oxygen from the injection water to reduce the corrosion attack. Mainly used during the pre-treatment of injection waters.

These products are usually a single or a combination  of hydrazine, its salts DEHA and ABS. Mainly useful  to remove the dissolved oxygen from injection water and ultimately to avoid the heavy corrosion water injection and crude processing facilities.