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Natural Oil Esters

Products are based on esters of surfactant and various natural vegetable oil based on customer requirement and application , following are various natural oil used as raw material ;

Vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, soy, sunflower, coconut, etc.)

The performance-directed esterification of Natural oil , fatty acids, fatty alcohols with other ethoxylates leads to a wide range of oily, fatty or waxy substances, each with its own specific physical and chemical properties. Almost all fatty esters display the inherent advantages of their raw materials, natural fats and oils: they are non-toxic, non-irritating and biodegradable.
The number of possible fatty esters is virtually unlimited. So are the combinations of functions they can perform.
There are several applications ,typical applications for fatty esters are:
Lubricants (both internal and external) reduce friction in process equipments.
Antistatic agents avoid the building up of electric charges.
Antifogging agents prevent formation of water droplets in film applications.
Plasticizers change the “brittleness” of a polymer.
GUJCHEM produces various combination of vegetable oil esters based on customer requirement.