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Glycerine Ethoxylate (Glycerol Ethoxylate)

GUJCHEM offer Glycerine Ethoxylate (Glycerol Ethoxylate) under GUJCHEM GE series manufactured to the highest purity.

GUJCHEM also offer a wide range of Propoxylate ā€“ Ethoxylate of Glycerine (Glycerine Polyol) are as reactants in transesterification, silane capping, and the production of surfactants and lubricants.

Glycerine Ethoxylates (Glycerol Ethoxylate) also find application in cosmetics to add body and texture (humectant). It finds an application as tackifier and humectant for adhesives. It find application as emulsifier to improve penetration in construction industry.
GUJCHEM produces GE ethoxylates from 2 ā€“ 20 Moles . It also produces product of customersā€™ specific requirement and parameters.