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Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates

GUJCHEM produces high purity alcohol ethoxylates . Both Natural and Synthetic alcohol ethoxylates are offered . Products are of high purity and substantially of low moisture and dioxane contents.

GUJCHEM offers products from 1 EO Mole – 100 Moles as per specific requirement of customer and product further can be adjusted to a very specific requirement of parameter by the customer.

Alcohol Ethoxylates

Fatty Alcohol ethoxylates find a wide application in cleaning and scouring agents, shampoos and detergents, and as emulsifiers in the textile and personal care industries.
  Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates
GUJCHEM has various ranges of Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates like Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Decyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate – Cetreth, Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate, Behenyl Alcohol Ethoxylate and Oleyl Alcohol Ethoxylate having wide range of applications in different industries like pharmaceutical, automotive, emulsion polymerization, paint, agrochemical and other industries. Customer are request to send in their specific mole requirement inorder to share the specifications and other details;

THE STANDARD GUJCHEM RANGE OF Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylate are as follows;

GUJCHEM LA series based on C12-14 alcohol ethoxylate (Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM LE series based on C12 alcohol ethoxylate (Lauryl alcohol -98 % ) (Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM LSA series based on C12-18 alcohol ethoxylate (Lauryl Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM LOA series based on C12-15 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM LTA series based on C12-13 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM DA series based on C10 Alcohol ethoxylate (Decyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM TA series based on Tridecanol, a synthetic branched chain C13 Alcohol (Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM ODA series based on C8-10 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM NUA series based on C9-11 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM UDA series based on C11 alcohol ethoxylate (undecyl alcohol)
GUJCHEM UMOA series based on C11-14-15 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM MOA series based on C14-15 alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM MA series based on C14 Alcohol ethoxylate (Myristyl Alcohol)
GUJCHEM CSA series based on C16-18 Alcohol ethoxylate (Cetostearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate - Cetreth)
GUJCHEM CA series based on C16 alcohol ethoxylate (Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM SA series based on C18 alcohol ethoxylate (Stearyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM SBA series based on C18-22 F alcohol ethoxylate
GUJCHEM BA series based on C22 alcohol ethoxylate (Behenyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM OA series based on Oleyl Alcohol ethoxylate (Oleyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM OCA series based on Oleylcetyl Alcohol ethoxylate (Oleyl Cetyl Alcohol Ethoxylate)
GUJCHEM OCCA series based on Oleylcetyl Alcohol ethoxylate (80/85)