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Agro Surfactants

Our Agro Chemicals division is a forward integration of our existing ethoxylation products, which offers different types of emulsifiers for Agro Industries for all available EC (Emusifiable Concentrate) formulations or Technicals & ME (Micro Emulsion) . Our products are designed for lower dosages, wider ratio and at different hardness of water. Our products cover following major EC formulations.  
Our products cover following major EC formulations. We are also capable of supplying products for any other EC formulations
Apart from the mentioned below;
Allachlor Butachlor Chloropyriphos Quinalphos
Cyphermethrin Delta methrin Triazophos Delta methrin
Lambda cyhalothrin Malathion Ethion Dimethoate
Dichlorobes Alphacypermethrin Profenophos Propaconazole
Anilophos Diazinone Dicofol Endosulphan
Fenvalrate Hexaconazole Methyl Parathion Neem Oil
Oxyflurofen Pendimethylene Permethrin Pritilachlor Tricontinol