Manufacturer of Oilfield Chemicals, Ethoxylates, Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates, Fatty Amine Ethoxylates, Fatty Acid Ethoxylates, Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate, Castor Oil Ethoxylate, Hydrogenated Castor Oil Ethoxylate, Poly ethylene glycol, PEG, MPEG, Self Emulsifying wax, Wax AO, Cetreth , Phenoxyethanol, Phosphate Ester, Triethanolamine, Demulsifier, Corrission Inhibitor and Imidazolines.


Gujarat Chemicals is a manufacturing company into production of Ethoxylates, Surfactants ,Formulations, Phosphates and Oil Field Chemicals, with an installed production capacity of 1500 Mts per month , and exporting its 85% production to almost 21 countries around the world.

Plant is located in North Gujarat 40 KM from Gandhinagar.  

 GUJCHEM is a group company of AMISHA group based at Surat. Is into existence since last 40 years.

Ownership. GUJCHEM closely held company.

At GUJCHEM, we are driven. Our groundbreaking new molecules come from our passion and commitment to research. We embrace working with our customers, striving to understand their challenges in order to provide them with customized solutions. GUJCHEM's Molecules in Oil field chemicals, cosmetic formulations, Agro chemicals and pesticide ingredients and compounds not only enhances the quality, performance and value to our consumer, but also works to reduce their environmental impact.

We believe in Quality. We follow strict quality evaluation policy and have systemic check on product dispatched to customers. We have well equipped lab which takes care of quality supplies and set up that support’s R&D works. Our Laboratory is well equipped.

We are customer-focused. Our business was founded on a simple desire to solve a problem that would benefit all; we still operate on the same principle. This sincere commitment to helping our customers succeed has made us a valued and trusted global supplier for our customers' products.

We are internationally diverse. With more than 120 employees, laboratories and production facility, we have the ability to supply globally and therefore meet our customers' diverse needs worldwide and compete in the international market.

We are committed. We proudly uphold the GUJCHEM corporate philosophy in conducting our business with honesty and integrity. The strength of the company lies in the dedication of our employees to the company, its stakeholders and customers. In these values we believe and act

Achievements. We are proud to be associated with some of the Multinational and have consistently maintained relation as reliable suppliers and most of the relations are as old as 8 – 9 Years. Consistency in relation and our honest culture has helped us add new customers' year on year and add new verticals to our business.

GUJCHEM is all about its people. While anything is possible in a technology-driven world, at GUJCHEM, we recognize that nothing is possible without our human assets. At the heart of this company are the people. The time, skills, and imagination invested are invaluable as we continue to grow the enterprise.